Hello everyone, welcome to Angels & Thieves: a warriors RPG! Thank you for visiting! Are you wondering why you're seeing this message opposed to our normal home page? Well, there's a very good reason for that.

In the past few weeks, and even months, our members have expressed the need for some change. After questioning our members to see what they want to see change, asking for their vote from a list of various options, as well as asking for any additional input they can think of, we think we have reached our decision.

Our community loves our community and all our characters, but we also feel nostalgia for the early days as a site. So, how do you keep both? Simple, we've decided to move. Any members who wish to join us will be more than welcome and any new members are welcome every bit as much as the old. Characters and timelines have been reset. We will likely replicate many of our favorite plot points in our new home as we have here (for example, Icestar and Coalstar's ShadowClan and SkyClan battle). All high ranks have been reset and a limit has been imposed to make sure all members have a fair chance of getting ranks. Values are also aimed to be far more traditional, forbidden clan relationships are set to be far rarer and more punishable, and our word count has been bumped from 100 words to 200 words. So, if you are longing for a clean slate in an experienced community, I can't think of any place better than our new home.

So, A&T is proud to present Dreams of Tomorrow, our new home. Members will be responsible for transfering any data from A&T that they want to DoT, but Angels & Thieves will remain permanantly open. New member registration has been disabled, but all threads will remain in tact. Affiliates will be transfered to our new site and will be notified. Staff will be around for a short time on A&T to help make the transition as smoothly as possible, before transfering full time to DoT - however, if you need help here, you are more than welcome to ask us there as well.

So, without further adieu, I bid Angels & Thieves goodbye on a well deserved retirement and invite you to join us on DoT.

Thank you for everything,